Download Sample CIS Build Kits

Sample CIS Build Kits (i.e., Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for Windows and scripts for Linux environments) show how quick and easy it is to implement secure CIS Benchmark configurations. 

  • Automated
  • Efficient
  • Repeatable
  • Scalable
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What does this mean for you?

See for yourself how quick and easy it is to harden your systems with CIS Build Kits! These sample files function just like a typical CIS Build Kit—only with fewer configurations included—allowing you to try before you buy.

You'll receive:

A sample CIS Build Kit for Windows: GPOs engineered to work with most Windows systems which rapidly apply select CIS Benchmark configuration settings to harden workstations, servers, and other Windows computing environments

A sample CIS Build Kit for Linux: Custom script designed to harden a variety of Linux environments by applying secure CIS Benchmark configurations with a few simple clicks

CIS SecureSuite Members receive access to our complete Build Kit files, which help organizations around the world:

Maintain and deploy the gold standard:

Are you struggling to keep up with updates that impact your configuration settings? Using remediation content helps with the maintenance and deployment of the gold standard to which your company makes changes over time for security reasons.

Quickly implement secure CIS Benchmark configurations:

CIS Build Kits help bring systems into compliance with the secure configuration guidelines contained in the CIS Benchmarks.

Working with internal policy requirements? CIS Build Kits are customizable, so you can adjust them to meet your specific security needs.

Keep up with the fast pace of cybersecurity:

CIS Build Kits help organizations implement secure configurations in minutes - saving serious time when compared to manual system configuration!

Used by over 2,000 businesses and organizations around the world, CIS SecureSuite Membership provides access to integrated cybersecurity tools, CIS Build Kits, and more.


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