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Experience how quick and easy it is to securely configure your systems according to the recommendations of the CIS Benchmarks™.

Free CIS Build Kit Samples

Simplify and expedite your efforts to harden your systems with our sample CIS Build Kits based on the CIS Benchmarks.

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Key Benefits of Using CIS Build Kits

Automate Your Security Hardening Efforts

Automate your implementation of CIS Benchmark recommendations, saving you time and effort compared to manual remediation

Reduce Errors

Eliminate the risk of human error by automating your remediation

Simplify Compliance

Ensure your systems are configured to industry best practices outlined in CIS Benchmarks, helping you achieve compliance with PCI DSS, FFIEC, and other security industry regulations

Customize with Ease

You can tailor CIS Build Kits to your organization's specific security policies while still adhering to the core CIS Benchmark recommendations

What You'll Get in Your Sample Kits

Sample Windows Build Kit

Group Policy Objects (GPOs) designed to work with most Windows systems that apply a selection of CIS Benchmark configurations to harden your workstations, servers, and other Windows environments

Sample Linux Build Kit

A custom Bash script designed to harden a variety of Linux environments by applying secure CIS Benchmark configurations with ease

Benefits of CIS SecureSuite® Membership

Used by over 3,000 businesses and organizations around the world, CIS SecureSuite Membership provides access to integrated cybersecurity tools, CIS Build Kits, and more.

Full Access to Build Kit Library

Gain access to the complete library of CIS Build Kits, which covers a wide range of platforms and offers comprehensive security hardening capabilities

Maintain the Gold Standard

Simplify your efforts to securely configure your systems and maintain your conformance to the recommendations of the CIS Benchmarks

Streamlined Compliance

Achieve compliance with security regulations and internal security policies more efficiently

Stay Ahead of Threats

Implement and evaluate your secure configurations quickly and easily, minimizing your exposure to emerging cyber threats


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