Securely Configure Cloud Products and Services with CIS

The cloud continues to expand with new products and services being constantly introduced by cloud service providers (CSPs). CIS has responded with more resources to help secure these capabilities in the cloud.

The Beginner’s Guide to Secure Cloud Configurations describes how users can secure public cloud accounts, products, services, and more.

This micro e-book includes the following topics:

  • Understanding shared cloud security responsibility
  • Begin at the beginning: What are CIS Benchmarks™?
  • New resource: CIS Cloud Product Benchmarks
  • The specifics of CIS Cloud Product and Services Benchmarks
  • An evolution of secure cloud configurations
  • A faster way to VM security: CIS Hardened Images®
  • Contribute: Get involved with CIS communities
  • Learn more: Access these cloud security resources

The Beginner's Guide to Secure Configurations

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