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A Handbook for Elections Infrastructure Security

CIS® (The Center for Internet Security, Inc.) offers public sector employees and representatives involved in the U.S. elections process free printed copies of A Handbook for Elections Infrastructure Security.

Through a best practices approach, we aim to help organizations involved in elections better understand what to focus on, know how to prioritize and parse the enormous amount of guidance available on protecting IT-related systems, and engage in additional collaboration to address common threats to this critical aspect of democracy.

A Handbook for Elections Infrastructure Security:

  • Details 88 best practices
  • Identifies high and medium priority for those best practices
  • Addresses the different ways aspects of elections systems are connected to each other and the internet
  • Describes six best-practice security examples from state and local organizations
  • Addresses auditing, incident response planning and response, and contracting for services

Printed handbooks are only available to employees or representatives from public sector organizations that are involved in the U.S. elections process. If you do not meet these requirements, please feel free to download the handbook free in PDF format from our Elections Resources page.


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