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Download the First 5
CIS Controls Guide (Version 6.1)

Congratulations: by downloading the First 5 CIS Controls Guide, you're taking a fundamental first step on your organization's cybersecurity journey. The First 5 CIS Controls are often referred to as providing cybersecurity "hygiene," and studies show that implementation of the First 5 CIS Controls provides an effective defense against the most common cyber attacks (~85% of attacks). The document you're about to download provides some general guidance to consider when implementing the First 5 CIS Controls, such as

  • A phased implementation approach like this helps ensure the most significant benefits because these are the highest priority controls
  • After reviewing and implementing the First 5 CIS Controls, you can move on and implement the comprehensive list of all 20 CIS Controls and sub-controls.

About the CIS Controls

The CIS Controls are a prioritized set of actions that protect your critical systems and data from the most pervasive cyber attacks. They embody the critical first steps in securing the integrity, mission, and reputation of your organization.

Download the comprehensive  20 CIS Controls 
First 5 CIS Controls Guide

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