Improve your Cyber Defense with CIS SecureSuite

Want to prioritize your security program and work toward other compliance frameworks? Looking to assess and implement secure configurations at scale? CIS SecureSuite Membership can help you to secure your organization, systems, and data using the CIS Critical Security Controls and CIS Benchmarks.

You'll learn:

  • What our globally recognized security best practices are and how they are developed through a community consensus process. 
  • How you can automate system configuration assessment and track it over time with the pro version of our Configuration Assessment Tool (CIS-CAT).
  • When you may need to customize configuration policies and how you can do that on CIS WorkBench, our central resource hub.
  • How you can save time by rapidly applying CIS Benchmark security recommendations at scale with CIS Build Kits.
  • How to collaboratively track your organization's implementation of the CIS Controls and identify areas for improvement using the pro version of our CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool (CIS CSAT Pro).

Membership Types

  • End User – Helps organizations looking to secure their internal systems and data
  • Consulting and Services – Enables consultants and service providers to use tools and resources for client engagements and across their own organization
  • CIS Controls-Only – Grants consultants and service providers access to CIS Controls-specific tools and resources
  • Product Vendor – Enables vendors to incorporate CIS Benchmarks and CIS Controls into their software products and service offerings


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